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Hi... I'm Ty, and I live with the Bengals featured on this site.
If you want to talk about Bengals, electronic art, cat rescue, engineering, software design, or anything else for that matter,
I invite you to email me at:

Here's my other web
site - it's a bit odd:
Bengal Rescue
You Too Can Help The Homeless
Many Nice Bengals Are In Need Of Homes

Bengal Rescue Network - California:

Bengal Rescue Network - National:

A more generalized "Breed
Rescue" here in California:
Cat Harnesses
Take Your Kitty Out For A Strut
Choosing The Right Harness Is Important

Strappy harnesses fail because they chafe and
annoy the cat. You wouldn't enjoy wearing a
belt as a bra, right? A soft, sleek, form-fitting
"Walking Jacket" is much more comfortable
for the cat and is far more secure too.

No retail stores carry Walking
Jackets, but you can order
them from the manufacturer:
Bengal Ancestory
Have a Look At My Bengals' Stunning Parents

My 2 purebred cats are TICA registered as "Foothill Felines Hunters Moon" and "Foothill Felines Pandora Dawning".

Northstar - Hunter's & Pandora's Mother:

Yukon - Hunter's Father:

X-Factor - Pandora's Father:
Odds and Ends
Miscellaneous FAQ
Various Other Stuff People Ask Me About

WTF is a Bengal anyway? Wikipedia's article is fairly decent:

What do Bengals like to be fed?

Stella & Chewys Raw EVO Dry Cat Food

Cool cat furniture seen
in some of my photos: